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Help is Available for People in the Bakersfield, CA Area for People Struggling with Addiction

According to statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, only 12% of the individuals in California who are afflicted with drug addiction get the care they need, and only 8% of Californians get help from alcoholism. Drug and alcohol dependency often cause substantial damage in multiple facets in one’s life. Entire families have been torn apart by the occurrence of addiction, as well as countless friendships being lost to its onset. However, not only does drug and alcohol addiction cause immense damage to one’s personal relationships, addiction also has devastating effects on one’s mental, emotional and physical health. Oftentimes, one’s quality of life is severely diminished by the crippling effects of mind-altering substances, leaving an emotional void that can never be filled. In addition, drugs and alcohol can often exacerbate or induce numerous permanent mental health issues, such as psychosis, hallucinations, Bipolar Disorder, and other disorders. Finally, addiction can contribute to early deaths, due to accidents (such as car accidents and falls), and medical issues (such as seizures, coma, heart issues, digestive issues) that lead to death.

The Perils of Addiction

Before anyone can engage in an effective recovery process, one must understand both the damage that addiction is doing, as well as the necessity of pursing recovery. This is typically where an intervention is most effective. When either being the subject of an intervention it is very important to be aware of the intention behind any intervention. Everyone who is present at an intervention is there for a single intention, the desire for the addicted loved to get better. With this intent in mind, an environment a concern and genuine care should be the focus in each intervention. If one is not comfortable conducting an intervention for a loved one, there are numerous professional interventionists available to assist in the process. With a successful intervention, the addicted individual will have a clearer and stronger intent to pursue recovery.

Once the motivation to get better is established, it is time to make a move. Treatment centers in Bakersfield offer a way to escape from the toxic environment of substance use. Oftentimes, many individuals find that a clean break from their home environment provide an effective means of pursuing recovery, travel out of town or state to acquire treatment. Once the patient has arrived, the first stage of the treatment process is detox. Detox professionals provide exemplary medically assisted withdrawal to mediate the level of discomfort many may fear in the detox process. After the toxins can clear the patient’s system, they are ready to begin the treatment process. Drug and alcohol treatment centers employ counselors and workers who are versed in the latest and most effective treatment modalities, ensuring highest quality care for the patient. However, even when the sessions are completed, the degree of care does not stop there. There are numerous aftercare resources that are at your disposal, such as group meetings and transitional housing. With these resources, an addict will be equipped to live a new lifestyle that will help them live a more fulfilling life free of alcohol and drugs.

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