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For Over a Decade, Recovery Specialists Have Been Helping Men and Women in the Bakersfield, CA Area beat drugs and alcohol addiction

Stopping the use of drugs and alcohol may seem impossible and you may be in a place where there is no willpower great enough to stop or keep you stopped. Addiction rewires the brain as well as affects the way a person feels when using. Reaching that “high” becomes the focus of the addicted person with eating and sleeping coming last in importance reviving the cycle of addiction. What classifies addiction as a disease is the rewiring of the brain resulting in loss of choice in using for the addict. We do not believe that addiction is a moral failing but a chronic disease. Recovery is possible and this fatal illness can be put to rest here at A Better Today. We provide quality care and use the most up to date styles of treatment given by highly qualified professionals. Let us help you, call now (559) 314-2335

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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